About Mycrocosm

Mycrocosm is a web site that makes it possible for people to use statistical graphs and other visual language tools for expressive social communication. In particular it provides an alternative to purely text based micro-blogging software (such as Twitter). We encourage our users to creatively use the visual forms we have provided to express whatever they may want about themselves or the world they are living in. This can range from keeping track of daily activities (What are you doing? -- but visually) to expressing opinions, making jokes or any other form of social interaction.

Please read out Terms of Service/Privacy Policy before signing up for more specific information on how you can use the site and policies on the data we collect.

Mycrocosm was developed by Yannick Assogba of the Sociable Media Group of the MIT Media Lab. It is currently not under active development while Yannick tries to graduate :D, but it is quite functional and I may pick it up again post-thesis.

Feel free to contact us at mycrocosm (at) media.mit.edu for more information.

How to get started using Mycrocosm

The first step is signing up. To do so you must first have an OpenID account, OpenID is a way for you to use a single account to sign into multiple websites, it is supported by major web sites such as Yahoo!, MySpace, AOL and others. You can get a OpenID account from a number of different service providers. One such provider is myOpenID.

When you sign up for an OpenID account, you get a unique URL that you can use to sign into Mycrocosm. Our sign-in form tries to make this easier by remembering the format of some common OpenID providers and just requiring you to type in your username. You must keep track of your OpenID URL as it is the only way to access your account.

Once you have an OpenID account you sign in by entering your URL into the form on our login page, this will take you to the web site of your OpenID provider where you can complete the authentication after which it will redirect you back to the Mycrocosm web site where an account will be created for you if it is your first time.

Then, check out the online help to see how to use Mycrocosm. This will be displayed on the help page as well as on your user page when you first sign up.